About the author

A brief history of how I came to write a novel.

The first book I ever read at the dawn of my own relationship with text was; "Luna the Gypsy Moth," and I was amazed that these twenty six magic symbols could be arranged in such a way to represent the life cycle of this fluttering creature.

When I was in third grade, I transferred from Catholic school in Pacoima, California, to a public school in Newport Beach, California and since I was doing sixth grade work in the third grade, they didn’t know what to do with me.

I suggested that I read books all day and the teacher and my parents threw their hands up and agreed so I turned my desk to the windows and had a stack of books to the left of my desk and as I read them I put them in the pile to the right of my desk.

When the to-read stack was empty, I took the resulting stack back to the school library and pulled out my list of authors and went to the shelves. I also accessed by special permission the nearby junior high school library and the high school library to search out titles from authors I had developed an affinity for.

This voracious, omnivorous flood of the novel into my mind has been going on all my life since the time as a pre-schooler that I was able to decipher text. The working title of my first novel during my formative years was “Critical Mass” which signified that it was critical for a good Catholic to attend mass, but moreover that this constant bathing in the delightful ocean of text would eventually reach critical mass and I would step from reading to writing as a result of the change that I had planned for, wished for, and longed for.

The change never came and I took writing classes to try and jump start the process. Here I am and I want to tell you that reading and writing are fundamentally different.